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S2-E57.1 - TLMdX 2021 from AASLD: Putting a "Big, Fat Dent" in NAFLD and NASH

S2-E57.1 – 2021 TLMdX from AASLD: Putting a “Big, Fat Dent” in NAFLD and NASH

Manal Abdelmalek, Jörn Schattenberg and Ian Rowe join regulars Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to recap NAFLD and NASH-related insights from TLMdX 2021, the AASLD annual liver meeting. This conversation focuses on, in the words of Stephen Harrison, “putting a big, fat dent in Fatty Liver disease.”

S2-E50.3 - "Dare to Dream" - How New Imaging Methods Can Change Our Future

S2-E50.3 – “Dare to Dream” – How New Imaging Methods Can Change Our Future

Antaros Medical’s Chief Scientific Officer Lars Johansson joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell, and Roger Green to reprise the key points of his recent Paris NASH talk. In this section, panel members speculate on the largest, most important conceptual changes that the new imaging approaches can drive in disease knowledge and research.

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