Season 3 of Surfing The NASH Tsunami

S3-E16.3 - What a Disease Model tells Us About NASH Patient Management

S3-E16.3 – What a Disease Model tells Us About NASH Patient Management

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Panelists explore several key questions that have arisen at recent meetings like Liver Connect, including the value of waist circumference measurements, the interplay of NAFLD and alcohol consumption and the definition of a “fast progressor.”

S3-E12.3 - The Need: Enrich Black America's NASH Clinical Trials Share

S3-E12.3 – The Need: Enrich Black America’s NASH Clinical Trials Share

With so many major clinical trials for Fatty Liver drugs recruiting over the next couple of years, we have an opportunity to study effects on Black Americans from inception, instead of assuming these drugs work the same in different racial groups only to find, some years later, that we were wrong.

Liver Nurses and NASH Education

S3-E9 – Liver Nurses & NASH Education

An all-star panel of liver nurses and advanced nurse practitioners join Louise Campbell and Stephen Harrison to explore ways these experts can play a broader role in NASH education and patient management. Are We Taking Full Advantage of the Skills and Knowledge That Liver Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners Bring To NASH Education and Patient Care?

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