Louise Campbell MSc AP

Founder and Medical Director, Tawazun Health

Louise Campbell MSc AP

Louise has over 35-years experience working in the Healthcare Industry in UK and elsewhere in the world, including Europe, Middle East and Australia. Louise participated on several European steering committees and masterclass sessions to improving nurse education and the treatment of viral hepatitis C. Louise co-chaired the inaugural Nursing and associates forum at EASL in 2012. A qualified nurse with a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice, Louise has a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry and designed and developed the largest FibroScan® service in the NHS delivering world leading patient care and research. Louise was awarded the title Hepatology Nurse of the Year in 2018 by the British Journal of Nursing in 2018 recognising contributions to liver nursing over many years, where her innovation and evidence-based practice has had a significant impact on patient care.

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