Andrew Scott, Director of Policy

Global Liver Institute

Andrew Scott, Director of Policy

Andrew Scott leads Global live Institute’s (GLI) policy department by actively advancing patient-centric strategies through undertaking proactive legislative and regulatory initiatives that positively improve the lives of all impacted by liver disease. Andrew is a consensus builder and appreciates all issue perspectives while presenting parties with creative solutions that value both patient interests and association objectives. Andrew built his strong foundation in health policy, marketing, stakeholder engagement/advocacy, government affairs, and pharmaceuticals as an integral part of Cullari Communications Global, and the Endo Pharmaceuticals Government Affairs team. He has experience as the sole lobbying lead, establishing coalitions, developing advocacy outreach plans, directing advocates and third-party stakeholders, and managing Political Action Committees. Whether it was during his career, or studying public health at Johns Hopkins University, Andrew has established an expansive level of experience and knowledge that he employs to address current public health priorities.

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