Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship provides an excellent vehicle to identify your brand with specific kinds of content in a way that reflects your brand goals and value.

You will have the opportunity to sponsor specific episodes of Surfing the NASH Tsunami.

Sponsorship Details

What you receive for each episode you sponsor:

1 You will be identified as a sponsor at the start of the podcast, along with a one-sentence tagline.
Roger Green or the announcer will read a “NPR-type” 30-second statement about your company or brand at the end of the “content” portion of the podcast.

2 HEP Dynamics will work with you to identify episodes where sponsorship will align with your communication goals.

The same episode may have multiple sponsors. In that case, we will mention sponsors at the beginning and end of the episode with the highest sponsorship level first. See the Feature Table and Sign-Up to learn how many podcast recognitions each sponsorship level provides.

Longer-Form Branding Opportunities

With sponsorship comes the opportunity to produce and promote “extra-sodes” or interviews.

“Extra-sodes” provide unique opportunities to tell your story in a longer form audio and video vehicle. Each extra-sode is an abbreviated podcast (25-30 minutes) during which you get to present an academic study or disease support program or launch a new brand. The extra-sode is divided into an opening section for you to present your informational content and discuss your company and a second section with 2-3 Surfer panelists and host Roger Green ask your presenters questions about your document and provide context for appreciating its benefits.

Interviews are 15-minute discussions between one executive and host Roger Green. HEP Dynamics will work with you to select the interview format that tells your brand story accurately in the most positive manner.

Your extra-sode (or interview) will published in three ways

1 Appended to a podcast you sponsor

2 As a “clean” audio document for your own use

3 As a YouTube video, complete with transcript text crawl

In the sponsorship package, one extra-sode is equivalent to two interviews. Platinum and Gold sponsors can combine extra-sodes and interviews in the overall sponsor package. Silver sponsors much choose one or the other. See the Feature Table and Sign-Up to learn how many podcast recognitions each sponsorship level provides.

Congress and Event Coverage

Six of our ten most downloaded episodes have been part of our conference coverage packages

Six of our ten most downloaded episodes have been part of our conference coverage packages for Digital ILC 2020, The Digital Liver Meeting 2020 or NASH-TAG 2021. You can associate your brand with these or other prestige events by reserving a sponsorship opportunity for a day of a key event.

Sponsoring an event day includes podcast sponsorship elements plus an extra-sode or interview at the end of the podcast. HEP Dynamics locks in sponsorship requests six weeks before each event and assigns days based on sponsorship level. We will allow for two sponsors at major events, one at the smaller events.

Platinum sponsors will have the opportunity to make one of your podcasts late-breaking news events, such as the post-FDA webcast episode in Early February, 2021, which received 25% more 8-day and 30-dady downloads than any other episode in our history. For a news event, the extra-sode option is not available unless you already have one prepared, but we can conduct an interview right after the podcast.

Branding & SEO Coverage

Your branding will be included in every podcast we publish and every promotional piece we create.

Every sponsor will have its logo (complete with web link) appear on the SurfingNASH podcasting tool and website. The higher the level, the larger the logo.

As a medallion sponsor, you can also tell your brand or corporate story on the SurfingNASH website. Every Platinum sponsor will have a dedicated page to tell your story. Every Gold or Silver sponsor will have a section of a page dedicated to helping our medallion sponsors tell their stories.

Feature Table & Sign Up




BaseBusiness LevelGoldPlatinum
Logo and website link on homepage — Special section on SurfingNASH webpage will include a section listing sponsors with their logos. Each logo will link to a website or location of the sponsor’s choosing.✔️✔️✔️✔️
Dedicated Page with branding and content — For anyone who buys a significant sponsor package, we will create a page on the SurfingNASH website for them to tell their own story in a way that is consistent with our branding — objective, accurate, high-level.✔️✔️✔️
Logo and website link on episode post — A certain number of times per year, each sponsor claims “primary sponsorship” of an episode. On this episode, the sponsor’s iogo receives special placement at the top of episode page with a weblink.3/yr6/yr12/yr
Roger Green mention at beginning of podcast — For primary sponsorship episodes, I will mention the chief sponsor at the beginning of the episode and will mention that there is a 30-second message from that sponsor at the end of the episode.3/yr6/yr12/yr
30-second produced message at podcast end — This is the message I refer to above.3/yr6/yr12/yr
25-minute “extra-sode” as part of episode — Anywhere from once a year to once a quarter, we will work with the sponsor to produce a 20-30 minute “extra-sode” on a topic of the sponsors’ choosing. One option is to present a recent poster, presentation or publication. Another is to introduce a newly-launched product or service. HEP Dynamics will work with the sponsor on topic, event outline, recruitment of Q&A participants and extra-sode moderation and management. We will also deliver a clean copy of the extra-sode to the sponsor for its own use.1/yr2/yr4/yr
Logo and website link on episode e-mails — We will include sponsor logos and links on e-mail related to any episode they sponsor.✔️✔️✔️✔️
Special mention graphic and text on all posts✔️✔️✔️
Special text/graphic “did you know” video — 20 second quick-text statement: 2 sentences and branding✔️✔️✔️
Logo and website link on LI/FB discussion pages — We will place all logos on our LInkedIn and Facebook discussion pages.✔️✔️✔️✔️

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