Charter sponsorship program

To initiate our sponsorship program successfully, Hep Dynamics is offering a significantly lower sponsorship investment to the first three companies that sign on. The program includes three levels:







Sponsorships bring with them certain rights and opportunities.

Podcast Recognition

We will recognize all our sponsors during every episode of the podcast and all our special events. We will also broadcast 30-second information statements (frequency depends on sponsor level).

  • Gold – 24 statements per year (12 before program; 12 after)
  • Silver – 12 statements per year (6 before program; 6 after)
  • Bronze – 8 statements per year (4 before program; 4 after)

Branding & SEO Coverage

All three levels of sponsorship will receive a logo on the SurfingNASH podcasting tool and the SurfingNASH section of the HEP Dynamics website. The higher the level, the larger the logo. As a Gold sponsor, you will have a page on the SurfingNASH website to discuss your company’s commitment to Fatty Liver disease and the roles you and your company play in combating the disease. As a Silver or Bronze sponsor, you can tell your story on a section of the “Sponsors” page.

SurfingNASH Event Coverage

We provide day-after summary episodes for major conferences (EASL, AASLD, NASH-TAG, other events TBD). Each episode includes the Surfers and one or two Key Opinion Leader guests summarizing key presentations of the day. Our coverage of Digital ILC 2020 spurred an 85% increase in listenership, including listeners in 47 different markets.

Current plans include coverage of The Digital Liver Meeting next month and NASH-TAG in March. We are exploring other coverage opportunities. If you have meetings you would like us to cover, let us know.

Event Sponsorship with SurfingNASH

Any SurfingNASH sponsor can request designation as the “Sponsor for the Day” at any event we cover when your product is the subject of a presentation or poster that day. We will feature your product and presentation in all promotion and give you first rights to produce an extra-sode (behind any company that pays the daily extra-sode fee). Gold sponsors have first right, followed by Silver, then Bronze.

If you want only to sponsor a specific day of a particular conference, you can purchase one-day sponsorship rights, including producing an “extra-sode” and receiving recognition. Ask us about fees for a one-day program and when one-day sponsorship makes sense for you.

Extra-Sodes = More Coverage

Each level is entitled to a set number of “extra-sodes,” 25-30-minute abbreviated podcasts during which one corporate executive or drug developer presents a medicine, study or disease support program and 2-3 of the regular Surfers ask questions. Consistent with our “quality through integrity” core value, HEP Dynamics will control the final content, but we will work with you on the program design.

  • Gold sponsors are entitled to one extra-sode per quarter
  • Silver sponsors are entitled to one per half-year
  • Bronze sponsors are entitled to one per year

Trading up one sponsor level

Interesting in learning more? Talk with us about how to craft a trade-up plan for you…


SurfingNASH will provide special coverage during TLMDx, the annual AASLD meeting schedule to run in digital form from November 13-16, and for NASH-TAG, which is planned to run live and multi-channel from January 7-9, 2021. Our coverage will consist of a daily 75-minute podcast we will drop 6-10 hours after the conclusion of sessions every day of the conference. Each podcast will include:

  • Five-minute summaries of 5 or 6 papers presented that day, with each of the regular surfer crew choosing a different issue.
  • We will invite a prominent Key Opinion Leader to join us each day of the conference. We are negotiating with our top choices now and hope to announce them.
  • We will leave time for questions at the end of each paper summary.
  • The final element can be a 20-25 minutes sponsored element. This element can cover a poster or presentation shared that day, an excerpt from a roundtable at the meeting, or another timely vehicle.

Gold sponsors who pay for their extra-sodes will have right of first refusal for each day, followed by Silver and Bronze sponsors. If any extra-sode slots remain available, we will invite sponsors to use the slots for a sponsorship extra-sode.

At the end of the Charter Program, we anticipate a 50-100% increase in sponsorship fees. Act now!