S4-E42.5 – Final Recap of the 2023 SLD Summit: Takeaways and Looking Forward

S4-E42.5 - Final Recap of the 2023 SLD Summit: Takeaways and Looking Forward
The EASL SLD Summit aims at updating a global community of liver stakeholders on the most recent advances in SLD research, both pre-clinically and clinically, focusing on MASLD and tackling the issue of MetALD. In this episode, Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green review the recently concluded meeting with faculty members Sven Francque and Hannes Hagström in two seperate interviews.

This final conversation starts with Roger’s observation that one reason the energy in this meeting might have been higher is sessions like this one, that was less about sharing answers and more about identifying new topics and raising questions. Jörn segues to a talk he gave on weight loss and bariatric surgery and what it might mean for how we consider and treat MASLD patients. Louise asks whether the audience for this meeting was more diverse than in previous years, specifically mentioning the Society of Obesity. Jörn mentions that the impact of the video stream made the meeting far more accessible than in past years. Hannes notes he would like to hear questions from different specialists and more general physicians and surgeons than in years past. Roger notes that he saw more cardiovascular discussion than in prior years, and also perhaps speakers from more geographic regions. Roger also mentions a session on new techniques and their pitfalls and promises. Jörn notes that the outcomes from this basic science will define the targets for future drug research. The rest of the conversation revolves around the impact of making our focus less liver-specific and more metabolic or multi-organ. In closing, Louise asks what came up that we can use today and Hannes goes back to diagnostic pathways and FIB-4.

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