S4-9.2 – What’s Behind The New AACE Fatty Liver Guidelines?

S4-9.2 What’s Behind The New AACE Fatty Liver Guidelines?
This week, SurfingNASH.com is offering conversation previews from our new series, “The NASH Tsunami in Diabetes; Getting Ahead of the Rising Tide.”

Rising Tide, as we call it, is a subscription-only series targeted at the primary care physicians, endocrinologists and allied health professionals who provide front-line treatments for patients living with Type 2 Diabetes and/or obesity. The full episode follows the epidemiology and research behind the AACE Fatty Liver Guidelines and what they recommend for endocrinologists, primary care physicians and allied health professionals when screening, diagnosing and managing Type 2 Diabetes patients for Fatty Liver disease.

This week, SurfingNASH is offering conversation segments to showcase our new series, The NASH Tsunami in Diabetes: Getting Ahead of the Rising Tide. This preview comes from our second episode which focuses on the new AACE Fatty Liver Guidelines.

The panelists include four authors of the guidelines: first author Dr. Ken Cusi from the University of Florida, third author Dr. Diana Barb, also from the University of Florida, and the two leading AASLD representatives in this project, Dr. Zobair Younossi of INOVA Health Systems and Dr. Maru Rinella of the University of Chicago. Dr. Younossi focuses his discussion on the epidemiology of the disease and what it suggests in terms of treatment goals and priorities. Dr. Cusi identifies the two main messages of the guidelines: the importance of FIB-4 as a screening tool and the fact that even today, with no recently approved NASH drugs on the market, there are therapeutic choices providers can make that will benefit NASH patients. Dr. Barb discusses in detail prescribing decisions that can benefit diabetes patients at risk of progressing to significant NASH fibrosis and beyond. Dr. Rinella lends comments throughout from her own perspective and that of AASLD. This fast-paced episode provides a tremendous amount of information while remaining accessible and easy to follow.

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