S4-5.3 – Predictive Health Intelligence: Exploring Areas of Application

S4-5.3 - Predictive Health Intelligence: Exploring Areas of Application
Tim Jobson of Predictive Health Intelligence joins the podcast to introduce analyzing historic blood test results to identify those at risk of Fatty Liver disease. In this conversation, panelists explore various areas of application where the Predictive Health tool may be of significant value.

Surfing NASH is joined by Tim Jobson, Co-founder of Predictive Health Intelligence, to discuss a system by which historic blood test results are combined and analyzed to flag patients in need of intervention. This conversation starts with a dialog between Tim and Roger Green around how simple the data and computations in this system appear to be.

Roger describes a benefit in terms of patient throughput and asks whether Predictive Health has investigated along these lines. Tim agrees with the assumption but indicates that this work has yet to be accomplished. Finally, he underscores that this tool can help locate and recruit patients for research studies. Jörn Schattenberg agrees with the idea before asking whether the system processes natural language, or in his anecdote, scraps of paper from years ago found in the patient file. Tim suggests this to be easy enough to execute within the system and will become more powerful as use of the system expands.

From here, the conversation shifts to patient reactions. Tim notes that, in general, reactions have trended universally positive. Specifically, patients do not seem concerned that the health system has their identified data, something vastly different from what administrators believe and say. As the conversation winds down, Roger asks Jörn how he feels this work will align with the clinical care pathways initiative he is spearheading with Jeff Lazarus. Jörn confirms it will align well, indeed.

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