S4-5.1 – Creating a “Combined Informatics and Clinical Program”

S4-5.1 - Creating a "Combined Informatics and Clinical Program"
Tim Jobson of Predictive Health Intelligence joins the podcast to introduce analyzing historic blood test results to identify those at risk of Fatty Liver disease. In this conversation, he shares insights from creating a “combined informatics and clinical program simultaneously.”

Surfing NASH is joined by Tim Jobson to discuss what he describes as a “combined informatics and clinical program simultaneously.” In this conversation, Tim begins by describing his background and how he came to partner with expert clinicians and specialists in healthcare IT to address how we can better identify liver patients in need of intervention.

In partnership with former colleague Neil Stevens and his local NHS Trust, Tim led a grant application that gave rise to Predictive Health Intelligence where he holds the roles of Medical Director and Chief Investigator. Tim expounds the journey of improving understanding around how patients with liver disease could be diagnosed earlier by accessing and combining the results of previous blood tests. There are thousands of patients in any given region in the UK who have taken blood tests in multiple, unconnected offices. The system which Tim is working on aggregates a large number of these blood tests and searches for patterns in individuals. If a target pattern presents, the patient is summoned for a visit which can lead to treatment or an intervention.

Jörn Schattenberg is the first co-host to share an impression. His two questions: whether they are looking at earlier stage patients and what have been the flavors of patient responses? Surf on to hear Tim’s response.