S4-38.3 – Getting the Right Message to the Right Patient at the Right Time

S4-38.3 - Getting the Right Message to the Right Patient at the Right Time
Last week, the podcast revisited an episode from Season 1 that maintains its relevance now more than ever. In a fascinating conversation with Stephen Harrison, Peter Traber (Chief Medical Officer at Selecta Biosciences), Louise Campbell and Roger Green, you will learn about how passionate providers (nurses, physicians and allied health professionals) can motivate patient lifestyle changes. This segment features ideas around how health care systems can improve and important lessons learned from the COVID pandemic.

Last week SurfingNASH offered a final re-focus on an episode that originally aired during Season 1. This session dives into the role of nurses, physicians and allied health professionals in supporting NASH patients – a topic of increasing relevance as the field grapples with new nomenclature for liver disease and the imminence of therapeutic approvals.

This conversation starts with Louise agreeing enthusiastically with Stephen’s comments around keeping things simple. Roger asks Stephen and Louise how often we believe the treater should see the patient. They each answer that three months seems to be the right visit frequency and discuss what they consider important elements for that visit. Peter notes that the COVID pandemic is teaching us that visits can occur by video call, which reduces the cost for each visit in terms of money to health care system and time to the practitioner. Roger shares some of what he has learned as a patient who has lost significant amounts of weight on three occasions in his life. Roger finishes his comments by asking whether the formal health care system should take greater advantage of weekly and biweekly online assistance programs like Noom, which was in a dramatic growth spurt during the early days of the pandemic. Louise closes this conversation by agreeing that this idea has value.

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