S4-37.2 – NASH Patient Support: Liver Nursing Challenges

S4-37.2 - NASH Patient Support: Liver Nursing Challenges
How does the misalignment of liver patients' needs and nursing availability limit chances to intervene early in the course of Fatty Liver disease?

SurfingNASH is offering something different for Season 4, Episode 37 while the co-hosts are off enjoying a well-deserved holiday amid a busy year. Rather than leaving a gap in the podcast’s program, this week we are revisiting an episode From the Vault that, now more than ever, maintains its relevance.

As the field grapples with new nomenclature for liver disease and the imminence of therapeutic approvals, education and educational resources are critically needed. This session, led by Louise Campbell, focuses on the roles that allied health can play in prevention, early stage management and clinical trial recruitment for NAFLD/NASH. Allied health is our primary interface for the education and support within the clinical setting of patients with any disease. Allied health professionals are a vastly experienced resource supporting both physicians and patients in the delivery of care and efficacy. Stephen Harrison also joins Louise and guest panelists (Kathryn Jack, Michele Clayton, Pam O’Donoghue and Patrizia Kunzler) to consider the many ways that liver nurses and advanced nursing practitioners can do more to support NASH education and patient management and where they should fit into the paradigm. This conversation explores the different challenges that liver nurses and advanced practitioners face when providing NASH patient support. It focuses on issues including health discrimination, the general challenges in deploying nursing care early in the disease progression and the mismatch of needs and resources. In the end, we learn about nurses who make their own recordings and encourage patients to create their own discussion groups in the medical office.

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