S4-30.2 – EASL Congress 2023: Scoring Systems to Evaluate NASH

S4-30.2 - EASL Congress 2023: Scoring Systems to Evaluate NASH
Hannes Hagström, Michelle Long, Rachel Zayas, Jeff McIntyre, Michael Betel and Roger Green get together for an in-depth wrap-up session on EASL Congress 2023. In this conversation, the panelists discuss scoring systems used to evaluate NASH.

Surfing NASH delivered a second wrap-up session on-site in Vienna as a part of its real-time coverage of a truly thought-provoking EASL Congress 2023.

This conversation held after the Saturday late breakers features key opinion leaders Hannes Hagström and Michelle Long, entrepreneur and epigenetics advocate Rachel Zayas and patient advocates Jeff McIntyre and Michael Betel alongside host Roger Green. The discussion picks up on the topic of the announced MAESTRO-NASH Phase 3 results and the panelists’ various reactions. This subject quickly beckons questions around the scoring systems used to evaluate NASH and specifically some shortcomings within the NASH CRN system. The group also anticipates the role that resmetirom will play in both the short and long term and the implications of superior patient support in both arms of the randomized clinical trials and how well the drug will be perceived to work in the treating community.

For a variety of reasons, EASL Congress 2023 has been looked forward to by the liver community with arguably an unprecedented sense of excitement and intensity. The conversations resulting from the podcast’s two real-time reviews suggest that the actual event met or exceeded such high expectations. If you have any question or interests around EASL Congress, we kindly ask that you submit reviews wherever you download the discourse. Alternatively, you can write to us directly at questions@SurfingNASH.com.

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