S4-24.2 – INCBCN Review: NAFLD and Social Drinking

S4-24.2 - INCBCN Review: NAFLD and Social Drinking
Surfing NASH reviews the recently concluded 2023 Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop with conference founders and directors, Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg. This conversation considers alcohol consumption and its impact on NAFLD. Additionally, the group discusses applying FibroScan in different patient settings.

Surfing NASH returns to review the 2023 Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop (INCBCN) which concluded on 27 May in Barcelona. Conference founders and directors Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg discuss highlights and takeaways of the event with Louise Campbell and Roger Green.

This conversation starts with a focus on the opening session which is titled The Fatal Triple and End-Organ Injury. Embedded in the recap is the topic of alcohol consumption and how it contributes to Fatty Liver disease. The idea emerges that a standard unit of drink varies in definition and that there may be benefit to gathering structured consensus on the definition. The second part of this conversation considers facilitating FibroScan testing in different patient settings.

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