S4-21.3 – Curating the EASL Congress 2023 Program and 3 “Can’t Miss” Features

S4-21.3 - Curating the EASL Congress 2023 Program and 3 “Can’t Miss” Features
Aleksander Krag and Sven Francque join the Surfers to discuss the upcoming EASL Congress taking place from June 21-24 in Vienna. The group explores 3 “can’t miss” features for different participating parties and how the program was put together.

Surfing NASH offers an exciting preview of EASL Congress 2023 with new guest and EASL Vice-Secretary, Aleksander Krag, alongside EASL Educational Councillor, Sven Francque, and Surfers Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green.

The world’s largest liver meeting takes place 21-24 June in Vienna with an international faculty of experts from over 200 institutions. The diverse program will feature 2500 abstracts and be a uniquely momentous occasion for developing multidisciplinary approaches aimed at putting a major dent in Fatty Liver disease.

This conversation starts with Roger’s question to Sven around his role as Educational Councillor and the various educational opportunities embedded within the program. Sven first describes a postgraduate course that focuses on the link between NAFLD and cancer. He goes on to describe a plethora of activities which each embody different levels of education and participation for different stakeholder groups. Notably, he underscores the goal of broadening education to reach parties external to specialist hepatology groups. This is not only about raising awareness, but also engaging communities with the concept of liver health from a very young age. Roger asks what the balance is between virtual and onsite attendance and Aleksander suggests people are trending back to onsite participation. The group discusses why in-person attendance is especially positive for the previously described educational elements. From here Roger asks Aleksander and Sven for their lists of “3 things you can’t miss” for different participating groups. First, he asks what’s not to be missed for a recently minted transplant hepatologist. Next, he shifts focus to what’s not to be missed for attending students.

The conversation shifts to questions from Louise and Jörn which focus on how the program was put together. It becomes clear that this is a multifaceted event that combines the experiences of education, networking, science development and much more. Aleksander likens the meeting to a giant dinner party whereby the organizers are chefs who have taken a year to prepare an extravagant meal for thousands to enjoy. For the remainder of the session, Louise leans in on a comment Aleksander makes about allied health and points out that there are some very good and important sessions around health literacy.

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