S4-21.2 – Previewing EASL Congress 2023: Highlighting Exciting Elements

S4-21.2 - Previewing EASL Congress 2023: Highlighting Exciting Elements
Aleksander Krag and Sven Francque join the Surfers to discuss the upcoming EASL Congress taking place from June 21-24 in Vienna. The group glances at their topline anticipations of the event and share exciting elements that the audience won’t want to miss.

Surfing NASH offers an exciting preview of EASL Congress 2023 with new guest and EASL Vice-Secretary, Aleksander Krag, alongside EASL Educational Councillor, Sven Francque, and Surfers Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green.

The world’s largest liver meeting takes place 21-24 June in Vienna with an international faculty of experts from over 200 institutions. The diverse program will feature 2500 abstracts and be a uniquely momentous occasion for developing multidisciplinary approaches aimed at putting a major dent in Fatty Liver disease.

This conversation begins with Jörn describing his anticipations for the meeting where he will be Chair of two separate sessions. One such session of interest will be in the context of a Meet the Experts panel on lean NASH. He also goes on to note excitement for late breakers and learning about novel compounds and newly emerging Phase 3 results. In summary, Jörn describes EASL Congress as “the place where we really shape the future of NAFLD therapy.”

From here Louise highlights her interest in virtually viewing sessions on patients and advocacy and nurses and allied health. Aleksander notes an emphasis in this year’s agenda on having interactive, hands-on elements to participate with. For example, there will be educational opportunities to engage the community with learning how to administer FibroScan. Roger notes the EASL Studio as a capturing component to look out for this year. There will be two studios: one around new treatments, pathways and drug development, and the other dedicated to nomenclature. Roger goes on to describe his personal interest in discovering the latest directions of drug development and noninvasive testing. As the session winds down, Aleksander delivers a comprehensive and compelling list of important activities to be on the lookout for. Surf on to discover what they are.

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