S4-20.2 – Listening to Both Sides: Allied Health for Patient Empowerment

S4-20.2 - Listening to Both Sides: Allied Health for Patient Empowerment
In an honest discussion with Donna Cryer, Surfing NASH explores the challenges of championing patient-centricity and the importance of allied health as many impending and important decisions come to a head for the NAFLD/NASH community. In this conversation, Louise Campbell expands on the critical role of nurses as advocates with the unique ability to bridge the patient-physician gaps.

Donna Cryer joins Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green for an impactful episode which weighs the complexities of competing needs across all Fatty Liver stakeholders. The session expands discourse on the recently discussed ICER draft report to consider the developing nomenclature consensus and other impending decisions. Critically, the group grapples with challenges associated with honoring the precedence of patient-centricity.

This conversation begins with Jörn’s response to a preceding and powerful statement by Donna around the undervalued input of the patient community. Roger and Donna go on to define in different ways what and why it is that they are concerned about in both the context of the ICER draft report and the nomenclature consensus process. Roger relates this contention to the sociology of in-groups and out-groups. Louise adds her thoughts from the allied health perspective. Her main point is that the role of the nurse is to “listen to both sides” between the physician and the patient while ultimately serving the patients’ “well-being, thoughts, feelings and the way they want things to be portrayed.” Not all patients have advocate family members present in hospitals and therefore critical that nurses and other allied health professionals be supported and present to bolster the patient voice. One way to achieve this would be by featuring stronger presence and representation of these groups in panels.

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