S4-16.6 – From the Vault: #NASHDay 2022: SurfingNASH Wrap-Up

S4-16.6 - From the Vault: #NASHDay 2022: SurfingNASH Wrap-Up
In this episode From the Vault, The SurfingNASH team (Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell, Roger Green) join Global Liver Institute NASH Programs Director Jeff McIntyre for the wrap-up panel of #NASHDay 2022.

Thursday, June 9, 2022 was the 5th International NASH Day (#NASHDay). Global Liver Institute, the largest liver patient advocacy organization in the world, and 200 partner organizations held a day of education, awareness and motivation for Fatty Liver stakeholders across the globe.

For its wrap-up panel, GLI invited the SurfingNASH co-host team to sit with Jeff McIntyre and review some of the day’s major themes as well as major developments since the last International NASH Day. Like a typical SurfingNASH episode, there were equal parts big-picture thinking, references to recent events, and laughs. Listen for a fast-paced discussion of big-picture items, most of which are different from the Episode 28 discussion.

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