S4-16.4 – #NASHDay and Activating Awareness Across Communities

S4-16.4 - #NASHDay and Activating Awareness Across Communities
The Surfers discuss ways which different communities can become involved in #NASHDay 2023.

As International #NASHDay 2023 approaches on June 8th, SurfingNASH dedicates a session to explore what makes this year’s occasion incredibly important for patient advocacy and what we all can consider in preparation. Founder, President and CEO of the Global Liver Institute (GLI), Donna Cryer, shares her anticipations alongside Pamela Danagher (Terns Pharmaceuticals) and co-hosts Jörn Schattenberg and Roger Green.

The group considers what activating awareness looks like in different community settings. Donna notes the opportunity for larger companies to be involved in educating employees on liver health. To assist in landing these opportunities, GLI is creating toolkits and presentations to educate and engage employees. Jörn adds that simple engagement with family members is also a critical opportunity for advocacy as we know there are higher rates of incidence in fatty liver disease for those sharing common genetics, diets and environments. Pamela raises the role of noninvasive technologies in screening/diagnosing patients and developing robust trial entry pathways. This prompts Donna to express her interest in facilitating mobile FibroScan clinics. Roger points out that should there be a NASH drug approval, more attention and energy will be dedicated to educating and treating fatty liver. As ideas continue to flow, it is eventually noted that fatty liver disease could benefit from having a celebrity patient advocate. One such celebrity who is already stepping up to NASH is baseball player and musician, Bernie Williams.

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