S4-16.2 – #NASHDay 2023 Theme: Step Up to NASH!

S4-16.2 - #NASHDay 2023 Theme: Step Up to NASH!
Donna Cryer shares this year’s #NASHDay theme, Step Up to NASH, while Pamela Danagher and Jörn Schattenberg offer their first takes on what makes June 8th so special.

As International #NASHDay 2023 approaches on June 8th, SurfingNASH dedicates a session to explore what makes this year’s occasion incredibly important for patient advocacy and what we all can consider in preparation. Founder, President and CEO of the Global Liver Institute (GLI), Donna Cryer, shares her anticipations alongside Pamela Danagher (Terns Pharmaceuticals) and co-hosts Jörn Schattenberg and Roger Green.

Roger turns to Jörn and Pamela for their first impressions on what #NASHDay 2023 means to them. Jörn recalls his participation in the inaugural launch of #NASHDay in 2018, highlighting the unique and intimate qualities which characterize the campaign as community-centered. Donna shares an amusing anecdote of the support of a fellow Surfer, Manal Abdelmalek, before disclosing this year’s theme: Step Up to NASH. The group goes on to envision ways by which this theme of Step Up to NASH can manifest. Whether introducing institutions to GLI’s NASH Action Plan or organizing community climbs of iconic steps around the world, the goal is to engage and empower. Finally, Pamela adds her thoughts around what about having therapeutic approval will be a watershed moment for NASH in terms of leading the field into further developments.

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