S4-16.1 – What Makes This #NASHDay Different From Previous Years?

S4-16.1 - What Makes This #NASHDay Different From Previous Years?
Donna Cryer describes Global Liver Institute’s journey of growing #NASHDay over the last six years and strengthening its impact on fighting fatty liver with an engaged global community.

As International #NASHDay 2023 approaches on June 8th, SurfingNASH dedicates a session to explore what makes this year’s occasion incredibly important for patient advocacy and what we all can consider in preparation. Founder, President and CEO of the Global Liver Institute (GLI), Donna Cryer, shares her anticipations alongside Pamela Danagher (Terns Pharmaceuticals) and co-hosts Jörn Schattenberg and Roger Green.

This conversation begins with Roger’s comment that 2023 is a critically important year for fatty liver disease and therefore sets the stage for a critically important #NASHDay. He asks Donna to describe any elements that GLI has pinpointed as pivotal in the approach to #NASHDay 2023. Donna first acknowledges the goal of facilitating and catalyzing all stakeholders to discover what fatty liver disease and NASH means to them. Over the last six years, #NASHDay has greatly grown in outreach and its impact on combating fatty liver. She goes on to state that this #NASHDay is embedded in the context of a momentous series of activities. Among these activities could be the milestone of a first NASH drug approval. Such a watershed moment requires a tremendous push for patient advocacy, education and regulatory organization.

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