S4-13.5 – INCBCN 2023: What Will Be Its Impact?

S4-13.5 - INCBCN 2023: What Will Be Its Impact?
Surfing NASH previews the 2023 Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop with conference founders and directors, Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg. This final conversation investigates what sort of impact the Workshop will have in the imminent future and the factors that will determine its success.

Surfing NASH returns to preview the second Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop (INCBCN) to be held in Barcelona from 26-27 May, 2023. Conference founders and directors Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg discuss what makes the event unique with Louise Campbell and Roger Green.

In this final conversation, Roger asks what sort of impact the Workshop will have. Specifically, he wonders what indicators in the next six months would be the signal of success. Jeff notes that last year’s meeting resulted in the publishing of an article in Nature’s new Open Access journal, Communications Medicine. Envisioning how the meeting plays out this year, Jeff believes it would be a great sign in November to have people asking to return and lining up funding for 2024. Roger next asks how an intimate meeting of this size will translate an impact into the broader population. Jeff suggests that by having KOL in attendance, they can take the experience back to their practices and share findings with colleagues. He emphasizes his hope that the impact will make its way out and that this is a meeting oriented to making change and not just publishing another abstract. “This is really about top line presentations coupled with exciting, engaged discussions.”

For the final question, Roger asks how the agenda will impact the next 12 months and what will grow to be a bigger focus for 2024. Surf on to find out.

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