S4-13.3 – Discussing the Day 2 Program of INCBCN in Barcelona

S4-13.3 - Discussing the Day 2 Program of INCBCN in Barcelona
Surfing NASH previews the 2023 Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop with conference founders and directors, Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg. This conversation introduces themes and sessions from Day 2 in Barcelona, including a debate on diet: can vegetarianism cure NAFLD?

Surfing NASH returns to preview the second Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop (INCBCN) to be held in Barcelona from 26-27 May, 2023. Conference founders and directors Jeff Lazarus and Jörn Schattenberg discuss what makes the event unique with Louise Campbell and Roger Green.

This conversation picks up with concluding comments around Day 1 in Barcelona. Jeff elaborates on a Patient Organisation session that closes with a roundtable discussion. For this discussion, Juan Mendive of the World Organization of Family Doctors will discuss primary care perspectives.

Moving into Day 2, Jeff shares that friends of the podcast Alina Allen and Mazen Noureddin will be opening with two exciting topics. Alina will be giving a presentation titled Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Patient Identification and Risk Stratification. Following, Mazen will be detailing How to Overcome Barriers of Implementation – Bridging the Gap Between Science and Current Care Pathways. This opening session is chaired by Maru Rinella. Following is an industry session which will see a discussion featuring Peter Rydqvist (Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Sweden) and Jeppe Zacho (Novo Nordisk, Denmark). Later and as part of a treatment and care session there will be an entertaining debate on whether being vegetarian offers a cure for NAFLD (led by Shira Zelber-Sagi and Camilla Dalby Hansen). This session also features a presentation by Stephen Harrison titled Medical Therapy in the Near Future. Stephen will also be joining Jeff in the final session to discuss Steven health equity in Fatty Liver disease and addressing disparities. Joining this session will be Zobair Younossi to discuss payer perspectives, Juan Pericàs on socioeconomics and Patrizia Carrieri on risks and interventions for women with NAFLD.

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