S3-E9 – Liver Nurses & NASH Education

Liver Nurses and NASH Education
An all-star panel of liver nurses and advanced nurse practitioners join Louise Campbell and Stephen Harrison to explore ways these experts can play a broader role in NASH education and patient management. Are We Taking Full Advantage of the Skills and Knowledge That Liver Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners Bring To NASH Education and Patient Care?

This week, Louise Campbell convened a panel of liver nurses and nurse educator experts from the UK, Ireland, and Europe to consider whether the Fatty Liver community is making the best use of these talented and knowledgeable resources in NASH Education and patient support.

Liver Nurses & NASH Education

Stephen Harrison joined Louise and her guests Kathryn Jack, Michele Clayton, Pam O’Donoghue, and Patrizia Kunzler to consider the many ways that liver nurses and advanced nursing practitioners can do more to support NASH education and patient management and where they should fit into the paradigm.

Dr. Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell MSc AP, Guest Panelist, Kathryn Jack, Michele Clayton, Patrizia Kunzler, Pam O’Donoghue