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S3-E9.3 – NASH Patient Education: Liver Nurses’ Roles

As efficacious NASH drugs near the market, what steps can we take to ensure that patients receive treatment early enough in the course of therapy?

This conversation explores the different challenges that liver nurses and advanced practitioners face when providing NASH patient education.

It starts with Stephen Harrison, noting that this weeks’ reported results from Madrigal’s MAESTRO-NAFLD Phase 3 trial, promises a day when we can reduce HCC and cirrhosis if we can counsel patients early enough in the process. From there, the conversation shifts to consider the different specialties that can play a role, including not only hepatologists and nurses but also podiatrists, bariatricians, endocrinologists, and gynecologists. The rest of the conversation covers an array of prospective educational tools and the need for specific education that hits specific key points.

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