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S3-E9.1 – NASH Patient Support: Meet Today’s Liver Nurses

Nursing KOLs discuss the extensive backgrounds and diverse skill sets they bring to the frustrating challenge of educating Fatty Liver patients early in disease progression.

Episode 9 asks the question, “Are We Taking Full Advantage of the Skills and Knowledge that Liver Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners Bring To NASH Patient Care and Education?” In this conversation, we meet the four key nursing opinion leaders who have joined Louise Campbell and Stephen Harrison for the full episode.

You will get to meet Kathryn Jack, Michele Clayton, Pam O’Donoghue, and Patrizia Kunzler and learn about the broad sets of skills and experiences each brings to this episode.

At the start of the episode, Stephen Harrison responds to a question that a patient e-mailed to SurfingNASH.com during the previous week.

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