S3-E63.3 – Year-End Interview with Ian Rowe

S3-E63.3 - Year-End Interview with Ian Rowe
In this final segment, Ian Rowe joins Jörn and Roger to share his  takeaways.

In the Season 3 NAFLD Year-in-Review conversations series, Surfers Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green embark on a string of interviews with a handful of Key Opinion Leaders who made headlines and advances in Fatty Liver disease in 2022.

Ian begins this conversation by discussing his impressions on Madrigal’s announcement of positive topline results from the Phase 3 MAESTRO-NASH trial of resmetirom. He describes the event as a milestone in the development of NASH therapies that illuminates the need to prepare for how to most meaningfully make future treatments accessible to patients. This segues into regulatory frameworks and process of approval through NICE in the UK. From here, Roger steers conversation to consider efforts in the UK to expand Fatty Liver screening into primary care. Ian goes on to discuss at depth the pivotal role NITs will come to play in patient management.

Looking toward the future and excitement around drugs coming to market, Ian describes two tangible ways he envisions a shift in his practice. First, he highlights the importance of driving disease awareness and education around prognosis. Second, he hopes energies and insights will increase interest and focus into the alcohol-related liver disease which dominates his inpatient practice. The group continues on to compare and contrast ideas around a shared pathway, stigmas and other nuances around alcoholic versus nonalcoholic liver diseases. As the conversation wraps up, Ian shares what he hopes for and expects in 2023.