S3-E63.2 – Year-End Interview with Stephen Harrison

S3-E63.2 - Year-End Interview with Stephen Harrison
In the Season 3 NAFLD Year-in-Review conversations series, Surfers Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green embark on a string of interviews with a handful of Key Opinion Leaders who made headlines and advances in Fatty Liver disease in 2022.

In this exclusive segment, podcast co-founder and former co-host, Stephen Harrison, joins Louise and Roger to discuss the year-in-review as recorded before Madrigal’s breaking announcement of the Phase 3 MAESTRO-NASH results last week.

From the outset, Stephen admits there were “a lot of pleasant surprises” this year, alluding to the multiple positive Phase 2 trial results amongst other recent press releases. He anticipates several exciting modes of action becoming available in the imminent future. The interview goes on to look at advancements made in methodology of interpreting liver biopsies, understanding the limitations of biopsy and degrees of mitigation in response to those shortcomings. Stephen also offers in-depth investigation into the uptake of NITs as conditional clinical trial endpoints, something he sees as a process whose momentum keeps growing and strengthening.

Throughout this session, Stephen provides speculation as to what the promising new year holds for the Fatty Liver field. In his words, 2022 revealed “the most incremental advances in the field of NASH in the past decade.” He adds that, like this year, 2023 is primed to be pivotal. Surf on for the full-length, insight-laden interview with a remarkable physician and Principal Investigator making tremendous contributions to the pursuit of putting a major dent in Fatty Liver.