S3-E59.3 – Year-End Interview with Donna Cryer

S3-E59.3 - Year-End Interview with Donna Cryer
Surfing the NASH Tsunami hosts its Season 3 finale to celebrate a momentous year in Fatty Liver through a series of interviews with Key Opinion Leaders. In this installment, Surfers Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green are joined by Donna Cryer to discuss GLI’s preparations for a promising 2023, promoting patient perspectives, liver health awareness and much more.

In another exciting installment of the Surfing NASH year-end interview series, Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green are joined by Donna Cryer, founder, president and CEO of the Global Liver Institute (GLI). This conversation embodies the progressive and collaborative energy of GLI from the outset, beginning with Donna’s explanation that they now have NASH materials available in sixteen different languages. And while acknowledging the momentous nature of 2022, she points positively and determinedly toward what could be an even more remarkable 2023.

The diversity of efforts extending across the GLI network have never been so far-reaching. This array of engagement is exactly why GLI is now making its preparations to capitalize on a flood of opportunities that may arrive with any drug approvals. Looking back at an eventful year, what stands out to Donna are things like being involved in co-authoring a paper for the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Quality measures are especially important as the field develops and implements guidelines and pathways so that patients have meaningful access to treatments.

The conversation continues on the track of what is required in terms of preparedness as Donna also describes de-risking the environment with GLI presence and readiness for investments in liver health to ensure sound, equitable pricing is placed on any approvals. There is the need to adequately characterize and profile patients’ different risk stratification and comorbidity profiles and match the right combination of treatments to them. This idea segues to the importance of screening and the challenge of identifying all those who need treatment that remain undiagnosed. From here, Jörn prompts Donna to discuss illuminating perspectives on quantifying quality of life considerations and how much focus should be allotted to these measures. She suggests both more expanded holistic benefit design and a more diversified workforce will positively contribute to the varying needs of patients at different stages of disease. Roger next leads discussion to consider the dynamism of investment energies that can play a pivotal role in education and driving action toward more preventative liver health solutions. Donna agrees this line of defense continues to develop and impart a positive influence on the space, be it through emerging technology, community-based resources or a combination of both.

There are many more takeaways to be gleaned from this exceptional interview which champions the patient perspective. Donna provides tremendous and directed optimism to this conversation, presaging another impactful year to come for GLI. Surf on to learn more.

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