S3-E51.5 – From the Vault: AASLD 2021 Wrap-Up

S3-E51.5 - From the Vault: AASLD 2021 Wrap-up
The 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) takes place on November 4th-8th, 2022 in Washington DC. In this episode From the Vault, Manal Abdelmalek, Jörn Schattenberg and Ian Rowe join Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to promptly recap a just-concluded 2021 AASLD Annual Liver Meeting. Discussion centers around the many areas of advance and novelty in the program, with particular attention to non-invasive testing, genomics and the increased visibility of patients and their needs.

When AASLD announced that the 2021 event would be held as a purely virtual meeting, attendees and observers feared a loss of focus and the kind of amplifying energy that comes from being with colleagues.

As this episode suggests, the breadth, quality and novelty of the meeting’s presentations generated exceptional positive energy even though colleagues could not meet in person throughout the event. In particular, this group noted the many ways in which the conference format and presentation implicitly challenges some older beliefs and perspectives about NAFLD, NASH and the people who live with these diseases.

Surf on for a conversation focused largely on determining key takeaways from the 2021 meeting and predictions as to what would be the big stories in 2022.

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