S3-E45.4 – Paris Review: NITs, Metabolic Disease and Final Thoughts

S3-E45.4 - Paris Review: NITs, Metabolic Disease and Final Thoughts
In a review of Paris NASH 2022, Surfers Roger Green, Louise Campbell, and Jörn Schattenberg are joined by patient advocate, Jeff McIntyre. In this final conversation, the group explores the rest of the Day Two program, focusing on the development of an NIT diagnostic pathway. Finally, each offers their closing remarks on being a part of the 8th Paris NASH Meeting and what the future looks like in this space.

In this episode, the group covers the Day Two program and offers final thoughts on the Paris NASH 2022 review.

Paris Review: NITs, Metabolic Disease and Final Thoughts

The conversation starts with Louise introducing the discussion around estrogen replacement therapy and fatty liver in post-menopausal women. She notes this an area of opportunity for improving women’s health.

Next, Arun Sanyal’s science lecture on NITs is discussed. The lecture is noted to be less about groundbreaking science and more so a clear description of the thinking behind developing an NIT diagnostic pathway. This pathway starts with FIB-4 and goes into more accurate (and expensive) tests for patients that FIB-4 does not rule out.

From there, the conversation shifts to one last discussion about the ways that liver disease is central in the cluster of chronic non-communicable metabolic diseases. Finally, Roger offers the closing question. Each responds with their feelings toward the future of NASH, NAFLD, metabolic disease, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Listen on for the Surfer’s, and Jeff McIntyre’s, final thoughts on Paris NASH 2022.