S3-E44.1 – Paris NASH Meeting Preview: Program Highlights

S3-E44.1 - Paris NASH Meeting Preview: Program Highlights
In a preview of the 2022 Paris NASH Meeting, Surfers Roger Green, Louise Campbell, and Jörn Schattenberg are joined by Rachel Zayas to discuss what each looks forward to most in the upcoming panels and discussions. “Brave one go first.”

In this conversation, Roger Green, Louise Campbell, Jörn Schattenberg and Rachel Zayas share their particular interests in what’s to come from the 6 sessions hosted at this year’s Paris NASH Meeting.

Rachel identifies a presentation in Session 2: Clinical Aspects, titled Controversy: are HIV infected patients more at risk of NASH? She notes the specific challenges faced by HIV patients and shares her hope the prompt leads to speculation on how to improve patient stratification. Rachel also brings forth a concept of moving beyond ideas of personalized medicine to what she describes as a more “intentional approach.”
Staying in Session 2, Jörn draws anticipation toward a talk by Cyrielle Caussy titled, Type 2 diabetes sub-populations with varying outcome profiles. He is curious to learn something about which type two diabetes patients are more severely liver diseased. Jörn also mentions an interest in the last remaining presentation in Session 2, with Kris Kowdley discussing the natural history and clinical outcomes in adults with NAFLD – lessons from cohort studies and placebo arms of trials.

Next, Louise calls attention to the opening session and her interest in the integration of the liver under cardiometabolic health. This topic will be presented by Faiez Zannad. Additionally, Louise mentions NASH PASS. In Session 5, Marcus Hompesch discusses three years of data & experiences on a metabolic disease focused patient registry and biobank supporting biomarker and drug development research.
Also in Session 5, Frank Anania of the FDA presents on a subject recently explored in last week’s episode 43: How to approach combination therapies for NASH. Following, Roy Sabo discusses response adaptive trial design to pick the best dose. This piques Roger’s interest.

The tone of this conversation conveys a sense of excitement about what this meeting will bring.

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