S3-E43.4 – Optimizing Combination Agents

S3-E43.4 - Optimizing Combination Agents
First author Naim Alkhouri and last author Mazen Noureddin join the Surfers to discuss their recently published article, Safety and efficacy of combination therapy with semaglutide, cilofexor and firsocostat in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: A randomised, open-label phase II trial (JHEP, 2022). This episode explores the optimization of combination agents in NASH Therapy. The conversation takes a broader look into the strategies behind developing and pairing combination agents and the role they can potentially play in a wider scope of treatment.

This conversation begins with a broader look at the strategies behind developing combination agents and the role these combination therapies will play in what Mazen Noureddin describes as the coming “combo-combo” world.

The group agrees that 2 or 3 agents are the most they can see in a combination therapy at this time. They all agree that some patients will require combination therapies while others will succeed with monotherapies. This will be linked with disease severity. Naim also shares another long term study he is working on.