S3-E42.4 – Allied Health and Patient Empowerment for NAFLD

S3-E42.4 - Allied Health and Patient Empowerment for NAFLD
Louise Campbell hosts this week’s NASH Tsunami and talks about educating on liver outcomes. Jörn Schattenberg, Robert Mitchell-Thain, Michelle Clayton and Stephen Callaghan provide their thoughts on education and social resources within the framework of developing a NAFLD pathway.

Surfers Louise Campbell and Jörn Schattenberg are joined by patient advocate Robert Mitchell-Thain, liver nurse Michelle Clayton, and healthcare consultant Stephen Callaghan to talk about their unique perspectives in the process of pathway development for NAFLD. In doing so, the group looks for ways to incorporate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations – an urgent call for action on health, economy, and starvation amongst other human rights issues.

This final conversation of Season 3 – Episode 42 discusses the power of education to place liver disease on a higher agenda. Louise notes that liver health is not engaged with at a school level. She suggests that liver health as an outcome be incorporated from an earlier age. This familiarity could fundamentally assist the more ‘generalist’ approach that Stephen promotes. Michelle mentions potential pushback and the group revisit the need for more patient resources. Beyond access to affordable nutrition, communities need safe spaces and opportunities for exercise.
Next, the group expresses their eagerness for building an inclusive, robust framework for a NAFLD pathway. Michelle reiterates her position that the success of such a framework requires the contributions of nurses and allied health professionals. Robert also hopes to see uniform action on this pathway to tap into an immense knowledge base. Stephen enjoyed his first podcast feature and is looking to translate successful strategies from previous pathways to the liver space. Jörn is appreciative of joining this conversation on inclusion, placing a great value on honest and open feedback.

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