S3-E42.3 – Allied Health and Patient Empowerment for NAFLD

S3-E42.3 - Allied Health and Patient Empowerment for NAFLD
Louise Campbell hosts this week’s NASH Tsunami to talk about patient empowerment with Jörn Schattenberg, Robert Mitchell-Thain, Michelle Clayton and Stephen Callaghan. The group explores measuring pathways and changing healthcare dynamics through digitization and technology.

Surfers Louise Campbell and Jörn Schattenberg are joined by patient advocate Robert Mitchell-Thain, liver nurse Michelle Clayton, and healthcare consultant Stephen Callaghan to talk about their unique perspectives in the process of pathway development for NAFLD.

Louise begins this conversation by asking Stephen about a successful HIV pathway that he had contributed to, and how it may be applicable to liver disease. Stephen maintains that “it’s about identifying the most important measures across a pathway.” A pathway can be measured both stepwise and incrementally by indicators within the larger framework. Stephen provides an example of application through the aforementioned HIV pathway. Next, Robert explores the gamification of digital health, and what that may provide in terms of patient empowerment. This movement appeals to Jörn because it can help define goals. Both patients and health professionals are working under mutual motivators.