S3-E41.6 – From the Vault: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail

S3-E41.6 - From the Vault: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail
This week, our conversation from the vault comes from Season 1 Episode 34 in November, 2020, the episode where our listeners first got to hear Jörn discussing his own work.

From the Vault: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail

The conversation starts with Jörn discussing how he and co-author Joost Drenth (Yust Drenth) came to write the paper. In the course of just 15 minutes, he discusses some of the areas for improvement he feels clinical trial strategy and design will require.

From Episode 34: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail: A Thoughtful, Challenging Theory

Stephen Harrison concurs and amplifies, and Global Liver Institute Founder and CEO Donna Cryer comments from the patient and patient advocate perspectives.

Listening from almost two years later, it is striking how much has changed in the directions Jörn described in his paper, most notably the need to conduct robust Phase 2b trials as proof-of-concept before heading the Phase 3 and the use of non-invasive tests to help place the right patient in the right trial.

To get a sense of how far we have come, listen for what is not said – notably, the names and acronyms for many of the NITs we are coming to rely on today.\

I found this fascinating and was impressed by how prescient this paper was and how much progress we have made against the issues Jörn identified. So sit back. Listen, Enjoy. Learn…and when you’re done, join the dialogue on our LinkedIn discussion group.