S3-E38.4 – From the Vault: NITs & Advancing NASH Therapy at AASLD 2021

S3-E38.4 - From the Vault: NITs & Advancing NASH Therapy at AASLD 2021
From November 2021, the Surfers and guests Manal Abdelmalek and Ian Rowe discuss highlights from the previous week's AASLD 2021 meeting. This episode focuses on the question of how to "put a big, fat dent" in Fatty Liver disease. One answer: Transition more quickly to NITs.

Our week of “Greatest Hits” episodes from the vault continues with our second most popular conversation ever, which came from the wrap-up episode for AASLD2021. In this episode, Manal Abdelmalek, Jörn Schattenberg and Ian Rowe joined Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to recap NAFLD and NASH-related insights from AASLD2021 TLMdX and specifically to focus on how NITs will help, in the words of Stephen Harrison, “put a big, fat dent in Fatty Liver disease.

From: S2-E57.1 – 2021 TLMdX from AASLD: Putting a “Big, Fat Dent” in NAFLD and NASH

As I wrote at the time: The conversation starts with the group congratulating Manal Abdelmalek on her wrap-up NAFLD talk at the 2021 TLMdX. From there, the group focuses on the shortcomings of using biopsy as the clinical trial gold standard and how strategic clinical trial design and interpretation of existing NIT data can build a bridge from biopsy through MRE/biopsy correlations to a total NIT future.