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S3-E38.3 – From the Vault: Learning Fibrosis at Paris NASH

From September 2021, Stephen Harrison and Jörn Schattenberg lead the Surfers on a deep dive into the fibrosis section of the recent Paris NASH conference. The conversation focuses on fibrosis and the role of stellate cells in fibrogenesis.

Our week of “Greatest Hits” episodes from the vault continues with our most popular conversation ever, as Stephen Harrison and Jörn Schattenberg synopsize the Basic Science segment of the recent Paris NASH meeting. This segment, which focuses largely on a state-of-the-art look at fibrosis, is by far our most downloaded conversation every, with more volume than the next four posts combined!

As I wrote at the time: Paris NASH is a meeting for basic science and interdisciplinary thinking. Since Stephen Harrison was drafted into co-chairing the session titled “Deep Dive into Fibrosis,” he led this conversation. The session included three presentations with a powerful collective message about stellate cells: that different stellate cell subtypes perform in unique ways in terms of how they function, the process(es) through which they become modified and what this represents in terms of performance. This description does not do Stephen and Jörn’s comments justice. It’s a short session, so listen for yourself.

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