S3-E38.2 – From the Vault: Scott Friedman on Fibrosis and Precision Medicine

S3-E38.2 - From the Vault: Scott Friedman on Fibrosis and Precision Medicine
In this episode from October 2021, Scott Friedman joins the Surfers to reprise high points from his Paris NASH presentation the previous month. Key topics include precision medicine, fibrosis, and the history and all-important role of the stellate cell.

Our week of “Greatest Hits” episodes from the vault starts with Scott Friedman’s fascinating presentation on precision medicine in the context of senescent stellate cells and fibrosis, first posted in October 2021 (S2-E51 – Precision medicine, Fibrosis, Liver Function and the Future: a Discussion With Scott Friedman). Scott combines erudition and unparalleled knowledge of the subjects he is discussing with a storyteller’s ability to paint clear pictures and make complex issues both simple and lively.

Scott, known to some as the “Father of Fibrosis,” starts this discussion talking about his own history in fibrosis research and then the history of the stellate cell and its role in where precision medicine is heading. The rest of the episode touches on issues ranging from the importance of omics in learning about the disease and the future of precision medicine to target disease to today, specifically, the downside of being, as Scott puts it, “yoked to biopsy.” In the aftermath, listeners (including other leading KOLs) described this episode as a “coup,” a “treasure” and “something you can find only at Surfing the NASH Tsunami.” If you missed this episode the first time around, download it now and make it your weekend (or vacation week) listen.

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