S3-E38.1 – From the Vault: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail

S3-E38.1 - From the Vault: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail
Our 2nd anniversary look in the Vault starts with Jörn Schattenberg's first episode as a featured guest, a 2020 episode reviewing his article on why NASH drug trials fail. One key focus was the proper design and use of Phase 2 trials.

Our week of “Greatest Hits” episodes from the vault starts with Jörn’s first featured episode, (Episode 34: Why NASH Drug Trials Fail: A Thoughtful, Challenging Theory) which we posted in November 2020. The episode focused on a recent article he co-authored looking at why so many NASH drug trials fail. One key issue: proper utilization of Phase 2 trials. At the time, we wrote:

Jörn Schattenberg joins Stephen, Donna, Louise and Roger to discuss his recent article “The Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) drug development graveyard: established hurdles and planning for future successes.” The discussion starts with lessons from failed trials, focusing on the importance of utilizing Phase 2 trials to test hypotheses and establish appropriate targets. From there, Surfers went on to discuss commercial and patient-focused definitions of what makes a clinical trial successful.

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