S3-E37.1 – Cirrhosis Screening and Diagnostic Tests

S3-E37.1 - Cirrhosis Screening and Diagnostic Tests
Antaros Medical co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Lars Johansson joined the Surfers to explore opportunities to improve scientific insight and patient care surrounding NASH Cirrhosis Screening and Diagnostic Tests.

This week, Surfing the NASH Tsunami returns to a subject we have explored from time to time over the past two years: helping patients with cirrhosis. While the immediate stimulus for doing so was the semaglutide late-breaker at #ILC2022, our more general interest is that many patients with cirrhosis will start to decompensate and decline in a fairly short period of time.

Cirrhosis Screening and Diagnostic Tests

This first conversation begins to look at the importance of identifying cirrhotic patients as early in the disease process as possible and the diagnostic tests that are most helpful in coming to a diagnosis. (Ideally, patients will be diagnosed long before they become cirrhotic, but many patients are never diagnosed with or treated for NASH before progressing to cirrhosis.)

Roger Green starts this conversation by discussing NASH Tsunami’s history of cirrhosis episodes and the issues we have focused on. At that point, he turns to Jörn Schattenberg to discuss the importance of diagnosis and the tools available to do so.