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S3-E30.3 – Highlighting Intriguing ILC2022 Abstracts: More on NAFLD Quality of Life

Stephen Harrison, Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green identify some of what they believe will be key papers at 3ILC2022. This conversation focuses on the impact of NAFLD on quality of life.

Next week, >10,000 Fatty Liver stakeholders are expected to journey to London (rail strike and all) for the International Liver Congress (#ILC2022), the first meeting at this level since the pandemic started to include an in-person attendance option. This week, NASH Tsunami identifies some of the most important and intriguing non-embargoed presentations at #ILC2022. This conversation continues our discussion of OS044, NAFLD patients have worse health-related QoL compared to the general population irrespective of their fibrosis stage: results from a prospective multicenter UK study, from Margarita Papatheodoridi (UK) and discusses THU051, Health-related quality of life is impaired in people living with HIV and hepatic steatosis from Maurice Michel (DE).

Highlighting Intriguing ILC2022 Abstracts: More on NAFLD Quality of Life

This conversation starts by picking up on the far-ranging discussion of quality-of-life that ends Episod 30.2. It starts with Roger making two points: one about the impact that clinician/clinical trial design consultants can have on bringing quality-of-life endpoints to a more central role in Phase 3 trials and another that drug revenue forecasts might grow if forecasters integrate the impact of quality-of-life metrics into the target patient population. Louise notes the secondary impact of quality-of-life of work days lost and quality of work time. Jörn mentions THU051, a paper from his group that focuses on similar quality-of-life issues in patients with NAFLD living with HIV as well.

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