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S3-E28.3 – #NASHDay 2022 Preview: Exciting NASH Community Collaboration and How It Drives Us Forward

Jörn Schattenberg and Louise Campbell discuss their excitement about NASH Community Collaboration around issues ranging from clinical trial design to care pathways to the role of patients.

Thursday, June 9, marked #NASHDay 2022, the 5th annual celebration of International NASH Day by the world’s largest liver patient advocacy organization, the Global Liver Institute. To celebrate the occasion, Stephen Harrison joined Jörn Schattenberg, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to celebrate the event and comment on one crucial trend or event most signified what the last year has meant in the Fatty Liver community.

This conversation is about collaboration. It starts with Jörn Schattenberg noting the increasing momentum for groups to work together and proceeds to explore two observations from Louise Campbell:

  • One about the rapidly expanding rate of change in the development of key products with particular emphasis on NITs
  • A second on the increasing momentum behind broad approaches to the NAFLD pandemic, including the expansion of patient advocacy organizations around the world to the increasing energy all the various stakeholders and medical specialties to collaborate in an integrated attack on NAFLD and NASH. She notes that this energy needs to translate to a global set of local conversations sensitive to how healthcare operates in countries and regions.
  • From there, Jörn notes how Louise’s prior work in Hepatitis C gives her an experience the NASH physicians will not have and Stephen lists big items with tremendous progress, momentum and potential to a crescendo.
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