S3-E27.3 – 5th Global NASH Congress Wrap-Up: Key NAFLD Topics In The Room

S3-E27.3 - 5th Global NASH Congress Wrap-Up: Key NAFLD Topics In The Room
As the 5th Global NASH Congress comes to an end, Louise Campbell and Rachel Zayas compare notes on the key presentations at the Congress and core NAFLD topics and ideas they are taking away from the event.

On May 27 and 28, Surfing the NASH Tsunami covered the 5th Global NASH Congress, which discussed a wide range of NAFLD topics. In this conversation, Louise Campbell and Rachel Zayas, who attended the conference for Surfing the NASH Tsunami, discuss what they considered the most important and interesting presentations at the Congress.

NAFLD Topics

This fast-moving conversation touches on a range of topics, each of which was a key element of at least one Congress presentation. Specific topics include (1) the importance of patient advocacy and patient presence at events like this, (2) liver science, both in terms of Sven Franque’s discussion of how liver fat affects the hepatic vascular bad and Recebba Taub’s presentation on the variable relationship between liver fat and liver volume, (3) the idea of transfer RNA as a therapeutic intervention instead of merely a diagnostic, (4) a new VCTE device designed to compete with FibroScan, and (5) an innovative study to evaluate the fatty liver profiles of patients with multiple metabolic diseases currently being treated in primary care practices in Europe. Louise and Rachel focus on what they consider important, challenging or controversial on each subject.