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S3-E25.2 – NASH Drug Development In 2022: A Wealth of Data and a Promising NASH Pipeline

The discussion of drugs in development continues, with specific focus on the treasure trove of data Intercept is producing for OCA and why combination therapy will probably be critical element in the long-term treatment strategy for NASH.

This conversation is part of a broader overview of NASH drug development in 2022, led by Stephen Harrison and Jörn Schattenberg.

It starts with Jörn commenting on the exceptional scope of opportunities for deep data dives and new learning, which becomes a lead-in for him to ask Stephen about the scope of data available from Intercept. From there, the group explores a range of issues the data might address. Among the key points: safety and tolerability are extremely important to FDA, the idea that the optimal NASH drug will also have an impact on the range of metabolic disease issues, and the long-term importance of combination therapy.

This episode and all its conversations are sponsored by Madrigal Pharmaceuticals. Conversations 25.5 and 25.6 are a two-part summary of Madrigal’s disease-focused presentation at the recent CLDF LiverConnect meeting.

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