S3-E24 – #INCBCN (Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022) Wrap-up plus Interview with Human Edge Founder Dr. Marcus Ranney

S3-E24 - #INCBCN (Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022) Wrap-up plus Interview with Human Edge Founder Dr. Marcus Ranney
Co-chair Jeff Lazarus joins the Surfers (including co-chair Jörn Schattenberg) to review last week's Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 conference PLUS Roger Green interviews one of the events' speakers, Human Edge CEO Dr. Marcus Ranney

Last week, all three #NASHTsunami co-hosts participated in the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care (#INCBCN) 2022 conference in Barcelona. Today, co-chair Jeff Lazarus joins Jörn, Louise and Roger in reviewing the conference’s high points and key messages.

The meeting itself brought a diverse group of Fatty Liver stakeholders to Barcelona last week to explore NAFLD care from several distinct perspectives. Research Key Opinion leaders discussed not only advances in medicines and diagnostics, but also the best ways to utilize what is available today. Patient advocates shared their goals, victories and frustrations working within the current system. Primary care physicians discussed some challenges in incorporating a whole different set of disease screens and thinking into their overloaded practices and ways computing power can help identify patients who need help. Finally, entrepreneur Dr. Marcus Ranney shared a visionary app called Mito that his company, Human Edge, is developing.

This episode is less a recap of the meeting itself than a discussion of its key themes and highlights. The Surfers share their own impressions of the event along with feedback from other attendees. The conversation conveys the enthusiasm and energy present in the room throughout the conference. Along the way, it touches on some of the key concepts presented at the conference.

The final segment of this episode is an abbreviation of a 1:1 interview Roger Green conducted with Marcus Ranney on the specific history of how he came to develop Mito and a broader discussion of the power that decentralized data and analytics can have in improving the health of any patient with a hand-held phone that connects to the internet.

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