S3-E24.5 – From #INCBCN: Digital Health and Patient Empowerment: a Conversation with Dr. Marcus Ranney

From #INCBCN: Digital Health and Patient Empowerment: a Conversation with Dr. Marcus Ranney
Roger Green interviews physician, author, and entrepreneur Marcus Ranney about his experiences, the ability of data and digital health to empower health seekers, and the foundational vision that led him to form Human Edge and develop the Mito app.

One of the most intriguing presentations at this month’s inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 conference (#INCBCN) came from physician, author and entrepreneur Dr. Marcus Ranney. In this conversation, Roger Green interviews Marcus on his experiences unique vision and the future of #biohacking.

In this conversation, Marcus discusses his own “journey of figuring out…how to augment [his] own health.” He describes his personal history and career, how he came to write the best-selling book “At the Human Edge,” to begin his Human Edge consultancy and to begin developing the #biohacking app Mito (which is still in development). Along the way, we learn about his long-standing passion for mitochondria and the ways experiencing long-haul COVID-19 has affected his health and perspective. From a market perspective, he discussed the rapid growth of technologies designed to collect and share information about the individual’s metabolism.

From the platform of understanding Human Edge and mito, the dialogue veers into broader social issues. Roger discusses how the conference presented and amplified four very different views of power and control in managing individuals’ health. Marcus shares his view that if we are to address social developmental needs and goals necessary to advance health, data — at all levels — will be key to formulating, evaluating and improving strategies and programs. These ideas do not sound radical in their one-sentence summaries, but the discussion is richer, farther-reaching and more powerful than the summaries themselves suggest.