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S3-E24.3 – Stakeholder Diversity at the Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 Conference: a Critical Success Factor

On May 6 and 7, over 100 NAFLD stakeholders convened in Barcelona and online for the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 conference (#INCBCN.)

Surfing the NASH Tsunami was there, with Jörn Schattenberg serving as event co-founder and Louise Campbell and Roger Green moderating sessions. This week’s episode is less a formal recap of the meeting than recollections of key moments and messages from the co-founders and Surfers. Serious comments about meeting design and the importance of stakeholder diversity are interspersed with the conference’s lighter moments, in this case referring to Louise being pressed into co-chair services at the last moment.

This conversation starts with the three regular hosts describing the one memory from the weekend that will last the longest for them. Jörn discusses the intensity of the dialogues between stakeholders. Louise focuses on Cyrille Causey’s presentation on the “fatal triple” of metabolic diseases. Roger identifies two: the passion of the patient advocates and the differences in perspective between traditional top-down, command-and-control specialist medicine as compared to data-driven patient empowerment as depicted by Marcus Ranney’s Mito app in development. Given the focus on diverse stakeholders throughout the meeting, the conversation shifts to focus on stakeholders who were NOT well represented: nurses for one, payers, and regulators for another. As a final comment, Louise mentions the consistency of a meeting where every presentation and every session was enlightening and satisfying.

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