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S3-E24.1 – Did the Innovations in NAFLD Care Conference Strengthen the Case for an Integrated NAFLD Care Pathway?

Innovations in NAFLD Care conferece co-chair Jeff Lazarus joins Roger Green, Louise Campbell and Jörn Schattenberg to review conference goals and ask whether the agenda and participants put forth a vision of an integrated NAFLD Care pathway.

On May 6 and 7, over 100 NAFLD stakeholders convened in Barcelona and on-line for the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 conference (#INCBCN.) Surfing the NASH Tsunami was there, with Jörn Schattenberg serving as event co-chair and Louise Campbell and Roger Green moderating sessions. This week’s episode is less a formal recap of the meeting than recollections of key moments and messages from the co-founders and Surfers.

This discussion starts with #INCBCN co-founder Jeff Lazarus and Roger Green what Jeff considered the successes and surprises of the conference. Jeff speaks about the “palpable” energy of the attendees, the number of people who attended virtually and engaged through Q & A and the range of issued addressed at the conference as three strong positives. On a more prosaic note, he also mentions how well the technology worked throughout the meeting. Roger Green suggests that much of the energy came from merging three separate streams of activity — medical specialists, primary care and patient advocates — into a single conversation that touched on all three groups’ issues. He also suggests that having Marcus Ranney and Jeff to share a digital health vision of the future added additional energy and the prospect of what Roger calls “radical patient empowerment.” As co-founder Jörn Schattenberg and then Louise Campbell join the conversation, levity ensues as the four discuss the surprise closing statement from Jeff and Jörn and then a more serious tone as the group discusses the benefits that multidisciplinary conversation brought to all the participants.

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