S3-E23.5 – How NAFLD Patient Advocacy Works: Two Key Pieces

S3-E23.5 - How NAFLD Patient Advocacy Works: Two Key Pieces
Patient advocates Achim Kautz and Andrew Scott join the Surfers to discuss the role of NAFLD patient advocacy in the Fatty Liver community. This conversation centers around the importance of taking action locally and enhancing communication across stakeholder groups if we are to keep increasing momentum over time.

The entire Fatty Liver community benefits from NASH Patient Advocacy and the work of our advocates, but relatively few of us understand what advocates do or how we benefit from their work. Leading German patient advocate Achim Kautz and Global Liver Institute Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs Andrew Scott discuss how they came to Fatty Liver patient advocacy, their priorities and activities that support our community, and the unique challenges of their fascinating work.

This conversation winds up focusing on two key areas to focus future organizing and advocacy. The first is to think locally. Achim and Andrew point out that they can find success working with local and regional governments and then build up from this success to a national discussion. The second is clear, consistent communication between all stakeholders in the Fatty Liver community and between the community and the payers and government forces we need to persuade.