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S3-E23.2 – How NAFLD Patient Advocacy Works: Targets and Opportunities for the Fatty Liver Community

Achim Kautz, Andrew Scott and Jörn Schattenberg share their experiences in talking with public officials about Fatty Liver disease and liver health.

The entire Fatty Liver community benefits from NASH Patient Advocacy and the work of our advocates, but relatively few of us understand what advocates do or how we benefit from their work. Leading German patient advocate Achim Kautz and Global Liver Institute Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs Andrew Scott discuss how they came to Fatty Liver patient advocacy, their priorities and activities that support our community, and the unique challenges of their fascinating work.

This discussion starts with Jörn Schattenberg discussing his first experience in talking with a government official about Liver Health, in the process creating a new Public Sector advocate. Andrew follows this thought by discussing the dual importance of educating public officials and ensuring that the voice of the patient is heard in all public channels and conversations. In response to a question from Roger Green, Andrew and Achim discuss the craft of lobbying public officials. Each paints a clear picture of how many people are seeking the attention and approval of public officials. The conversation ends with Andrew discussing the importance of individual patients’ stories in painting a picture for public officials and, specifically, the success that the Global Liver Institute has had in pairing clinicians and patients to bring the Fatty Liver story to elected officials.

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